Friday, April 30, 2010

Links *I* Like

As a sequel of sorts to an earlier post by Weird Jon, I thought I would compile a list of websites I enjoy. Well, with the exception of the ones already listed on the sidebar...

Cold Fusion Reviews - One of my favorite bad movie review websites. I love the comments given by the Hieratic Head of Ezra Pound at the end of each review.

Digital Monster Island - The best place to go for reviews of giant monster movies on DVD.

Squonkamatic's IMDB and Amazon reviews - Interesting reviews from one of my Latarnia forum pals.

British Horror Movies - "Dey're Briddish movies - I can tell by de way dey tawk!"

Sci-Fi Japan - Incredibly in-depth reviews and news on all things Japanese science fiction and horror. The articles on the Ultraman and Space Giants legal controversies are must-reads!

The HMA - The HMA, or Halloween Mask Association, has an amazing gallery of monster masks.

Haunted Attraction Magazine - The online version of the famous haunted house/hayride/etc. magazine. Includes free article uploads!

Hauntworld - Another great magazine devoted to haunted attractions. This site holds a special place in my heart due to it having the the article that inspired my user name. - Sideshow gaff (prop) manufacturer Doug Higley's website, complete with pictures and user testimonials. The "atomic fish" is very similar to the "atomic mystery monster" attraction noted above.

Cinematic Treasures - A website devoted to the noble goal of preserving classic movie theaters.

MonsterTalk - At long last, a skeptical cryptozoology podcast!

Orgone Research - Don't let the name fool you, this website has nothing to do with serious research of that junk science. Instead, it offers a variety of articles and musings by my JREF forum buddy Matt Crowley. The debunking of so-called "Bigfoot dermal ridges" is not to be missed.

Dr.Hermes Reviews and Retro-Scans Daily - The good doctor offers a wide variety of movie and literary reviews, including plenty of horror stuff (of course) on his website, while his Livejournal offers scans of posters, covers, ads, and more!

Atomic Monsters - No, this didn't make the list due to the name. The clever, well-written reviews are what won me over. Fast connection speeds and Flash are a must for viewing the site.

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