Sunday, October 25, 2009

Links I like

Interest of fairness, I'm only going to be covering links that I haven't highlighted on this blog in the past:

Teleport City - Yesterday's Tomorrow Today. I've been a fan of this movie/literature/travel review site for the better part of a decade. The reviews, which often mix information about a movie with anecdotes about the reviewer's life, have been a big influence on my writing style. I can't say that I'm all that good at mimicking the style of a Teleport City review, but it's still an influence.

Lost in Schlock - A blog devoted almost entirely to prop-making, be it for Halloween or movies.

Retroslashers - News and reviews of slasher films from the past and present, along with an insanely awesome title banner.

Weird Boston Events - A must-read guide for any resident of Massachusetts who's into the weird and wild.

Joe Bob Briggs - Film critic. Drive-in king. Horror host. Just click the link already...

Bogleech - Home of one of the lesser known Halloween countdowns. There's also some very interesting articles on insects and monster/insect-related toys. Oh, and the webmaster is probably the only person on Earth besides me who's ever heard of "Scratchees."

Head Injury Theater - Movie reviews, hilarious articles and a Halloween countdown full of cool paintings by the guy behind the site. What's not to love?

Bleeding Skull - An excellent site that reviews films (on both DVD and VHS) and contains numerous in-depth articles about various things pertaining to horror movies. Trust me, the site is much better than my description.

The Agony Booth - Home of some of the most in-depth movie reviews I've ever seen. I especially like how the KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park review details the various differences between the original American version and the extended European cut.

Gorillamen - A website devoted to the oft-neglected art of gorilla suits. I love it!

Monster Kid Online Magazine - Cool online magazine devoted to old-school horror. Be sure to check out the article about the Three Stooges and monsters.

Laff in the Dark - Everything you ever needed to know about dark rides.

1,000 Misspent Hours and Counting - Tons of well-written (and often humorous) movie reviews. I especially like the fact that, even when he tears the film apart, the writer always makes the most meager of awful movie seem exciting.

The Astounding B Monster - Home to numerous interviews with the people behind the old horror movies we know and love.

The B-Masters Cabal - Your guide to (most of) the premiere bad movie review sites on the planet.

Tomb of Anubis
- NSFW movie reviews, for both vintage and recent films. The screencaps (done in the style of Mystery Science Theater 3000) never fail to make me smile.

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