Thursday, October 30, 2008

Terror T.R.A.X.

Back in the early 90's, the company behind "Dungeons & Dragons" created a line of "Choose Your Own Adventure"-type audio CDs called "Terror T.R.A.X." The idea behind them was that you were an operative for a secret organization (Trace, Research, Analyze and eXterminate) that investigates 911 calls involving the paranormal and that you'd switch audio tracks on the CD instead of turning pages in a book. According to this site, the concept only lasted for four CDs, a PC game remake of "Track of the Vampire," and a proposed (but never made) TV movie. As from an unofficial fan-made game called "Track of the Undead," the series was largely forgotten since then. At least, until Noah "Spoony" Antwiler did some laugh-out-loud hilarious video reviews of "Track of the Vampire" and "Track of the Werewolf":

The reviews had to get split into multiple parts on Youtube, but you can find the original, full length reviews at the review section of his website, The Spoony Experiment. As a special added bonus, here's the opening movie for the Terror T.R.A.X. PC game:

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