Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Update Your Bookmarks and Links

A lot of changes are coming up for us here at Gravediggers Local 16.

First off, as of April 01, we will no longer be using the blogger site ( but moving completely over to our current locale, For those of you who still view the blogger location, please update your bookmarks and links.

The new site will still be renovated while we bring you new content each week. We should have everything fixed and settled over the next handful of months.

With the new format and features, we want to make it easier for you to read and share what we write here at GdL16. You'll notice on the regular site that each new article has a button for all your social media sharing needs. We would be most appreciated if you took the few seconds to click one or more to tell your friends about what we do here.

If you've followed us on twitter (@GdL16) you've seen that we're starting up a podcast. On April 01, we will release the first episode of 6'+, a free podcast of music and more. Every two weeks, a new episode of 6'+ ('six foot plus') will be made available for you to download.

The goal of 6'+ is to provide an entertaining program of music while showcasing some of the music groups, both new and old, that we think you should know about. One of our next renovations is to put more info up under the 6'+ button you see above (on the regular site.)

We're not entirely sure what 6'+ will include but like all things we do, we'll start digging and see what we come up with.

There are plans to increase the content on this website. Strange Jason has actually been roused from his hibernation. We've gotten back into the swing of doing Tuesday uEtsy. N. Oremac has been seen lurking around the shadows. So rest uneasily knowing that the minds of Gravedigger's Local 16 are busy at work.

Remember, you can follow @GdL16, @WeirdJon and @StrangeJason on Twitter. You can also follow 6'+ over at @6ftpls. N. Oremac hopes you don't follow him so he can get away with murder.

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