Friday, September 3, 2010

2010 Contest Update

As you might have seen, we here at Gravediggers Local 16 recently announced our '2010 Gravediggers Local 16 Halloween Contest.' You have until October 16th, 2010 to enter so there's plenty of time with about six weeks left.

Each week, we're going to announce a new addition to the prize packages. Since there are two contests, one for visual expression (i.e. 'art') and one for written expression (i.e. 'limerick') there will be two grand prize packages plus two runner up prizes as well.

09/03/10 - This week, we start things off by with some products from Dugshop, as spotlighted in this Tuesday uEtsy. The kind folks over at Dugshop (and Bubble Genuis) provided some free samples that we could not just share with ourselves.

For GRAND PRIZE #1 - A PAIN IN THE NECK, we add....

HEART ON - Anatomical heart soap (pomegranate scent.) 

This hand made, totally vegan soap is in the shape of a human heart. Pretend it's the heart of a scorning lover, a political rival or a food service worker who screwed up your order. The choice is yours if your winning entry wins the grand prize.

As you might guess, the next prize for...


BATH O' LANTERN  - Pumpkin and Shea Butter Soap 

You will be clean and delicious smelling for Halloween after winning this dugshop/bubblegenuis product. Smell like pumpkin pie and give the people around you reason to nibble on you.

More prizes to be added every week. Keep reading the site and get those rhymes flowing and art sketchin'. Check the Contest Page for details!

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